A Proven Leader

Carol Stream Amusements and S & T Magic Enterprises, Inc. operates the latest and most spectacular amusement rides. Tim Magid, President, regularly travels the world searching for the latest equipment to bring to the United States. While most carnivals own the usual standard rides and book the “spectaculars” of others, Carol Stream Amusements and S & T Magic Enterprises, Inc. owns its own spectaculars, allowing it to know the mechanical ins and outs of every piece of its specialized equipment. Carol Stream Amusements and S & T Magic Enterprises, Inc. operates virtually year round, and thus is able to attract top industry staff.

Training is thorough and ongoing. Employees are uniformed and provided with living quarters and personal hygiene facilities. Carol Stream Amusements and S & T Magic Enterprises, Inc., on an almost daily basis, undergoes scheduled and no-notice inspections by safety and health authorities in the many states and localities in which it appears. It has a well-earned reputation for exceeding established standards.

Carol Stream Amusements and S & T Magic Enterprises, Inc. maintains marketing and promotional capabilities to assist sponsors with their events. Services include promotions, organizational assistance, and advertising. Everything is geared toward making an event a success–operationally and financially.

A Proud Heritage

Members of the Magid family have been associated with the top carnivals in the United States since the 1900′s. Tim and Susan Magid represent the third generation in their respective families in the outdoor amusements industry. And with children of their own, they are sensitive to the issues of safety, cleanliness and security.

Our Style


Safety is our greatest concern. Our equipment is checked and tested-operated each day, and maintained by our own highly trained and experienced trouble-shooting staff. They are carnival “pros.” Guests are drawn to well maintained, brightly painted and lit attractions. WE ARE OUR EQUIPMENT. Our business and reputation rest on our safety, appearance and quality of our equipment and staff.

Midway Atmosphere

We often visit other entertainment attractions with our family. As business owners, we go out of our way to keep our midway neat and clean, and free of visual eyesores. Our cleanliness standard is simple–keep it as clean as we’d want it to be if we were the guests. Our management style is “hands-on”–our staff is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the guest experience.